Before and After Pictures

At Bailey’s Cleaning and Property Preservation, ware proud of our work. See the before/after images below.

Severely stained toilet with tough calcium deposits, was able to save the toilet so the home owner didn’t have to replace it.

Home for sale, repaired cabinets and Sheetrock in kitchen. Painted cabinets in-and-out. Installed a new overhead light and severe deep cleaning.

Severely damaged home hallway. Sealed all walls, repaired the sub-floor, made several other repairs and added new flooring.

Home for sale. Yard was overgrown with 6 feet tall grass and weeds. Trash and poison ivy was everywhere. Trimmed everything, bushes, grass, trees and eliminated poison ivy.

This home and yard had piles of trash and damaged exterior. No vegetation at all. We removed the trash, re-seeded the yard, repaired and re-painted the exterior and planted flowers.

We also build custom-built flower boxes for new homes in a mobile home community.